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  1. Does your agency offer the opportunity to meet your caregiver prior to receiving services?

  2. Does your agency conduct an extensive background check and driving recorders for caregivers?

  3. Does your agency have a system to track caregivers arrival and departure times at the clients homes?

  4. Does your agency provide 24/7 phone service?

  5. Does your agency provide training during orientation and ongoing education?

  6. Does your agency provide backup coverage in the event a caregiver cannot make it?

  7. Does your agency make periodic supervisory visits to clients homes?

  8. Does your agency require a minium number of hours per shift? If so, whats the minium?

  9. Does your agency ensure HIPPA rules are being complied with?

  10. How soon can your agency initiate services?

  11. What forms of payments can your agency accept?

Consumer Guide to Health Care - Resources for Seniors:

SeniorCare is Wisconsin's Prescription Drug Assistance Program:

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