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Pinnacle Enterprises (a subsidiary of Covered LLC) presents  CBRF AND CNA education


CBRF Training Course offers all four courses to become certified in the state of Wisconsin.

Courses offered:

  • Medication Administration- $200                              PCW- $175

  • Standard Precautions- $120                                     Workforce Readiness- $125

  • First Aid and Choking-$150

  • Fire Safety- $75 

  • Total: $545                                                              Total: $300


Note: Classes can be taken ala carte style





Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)  120-hour course

  • 6wk evening course $875

  • 6wk weekend course $875

  • 3wk course $925

  • State Written Knowledge and Demonstration Exam $125

  • State Oral Knowledge and Demonstration Exam $135 


For more information please contact Dee Nesbitt at 800-609-0071

Excellent Training Equals Excellent Care

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